Trash 4 Training

Trash 4 Training

Trash for Training is an entry-level outreach programme that cleans up the streets and provides community members access to computing and Internet facilities.

The purpose is to give youngsters the opportunity to use computers in their everyday lives and introducing them to the learning programmes offered by the Workspace. T4T helps build their confidence and trust by teaching them basic computer skills. Suitable candidates are then identified for membership of The Makers Society to help them become technologically relevant.

Recycled computers, donated to Workspace, were used to create an Internet café at the Workspace facility in Hout Bay. Under this programme, recyclable trash is collected off the streets by individuals and traded for Internet café time.

The programme ran from mid-2014 to end 2015 attracting between 6 to 12 participants per day. Due to the continuously lowering average age of participants necessitating more attentive and full-time staffing the project was suspended during 2016.

T4T was reopened in December 2016, limiting the use of the computers to high school and tertiary participants as these closer fit the target demographic of the main social initiatives.