Off Grid Project

Off Grid Project

This project is part of a series of “offgrid” machines built in response to the intermittent power issues that Cape Town had been experiencing at the time Conceived and built by the Workspace design team of Craig Dunlop, Randal Adonis and Mark Glen. Three working machines have been built and are all commercially operating at Workspace.

The World Famous Pedal Roaster: A pedal powered, wood fired coffee roaster which operates 3 times a week producing a dark roast Arabic bean. The beans are sold at Workspace and the enterprises is run by a graduates of the TEN Project.

BreadREV Rocket Oven – This is a collaboration with Jeremy Barty from the non profit company Bread Rev. Jeremy develops off grid independent micro bakeries across South Africa. Workspace builds the large oven design for Bred Rev and is a training center for aspirant bakery owners. The Prototype oven installed at Workspace is used daily in producing bread for the Hout Bay community under the supervison of Nompumelelo (Sharon) Citabatwa-Nqenqaf from the Ikhaya LeTemba Project.

Bean Cooler: Using the base from an antique Singer sewing machine and a drum from a washing machine, the Bean cooler is highly effective in cooling the beans rapidly after roasting.

The Velocidiser: A pedal powered liquidizer, great for making smoothies, was constructed from the part of a broken liquidizer and an exercise bike. This machine has been used to create awareness and discussion around energy consumption – especially after a Margarita or two.

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