Pindi Sandlana

Pindi helps teach screen printing to youngsters on the TEN Project. She is inspired by her African and Sangoma Roots to use objects from her life to print with.

Nicolaas Du Preez

After nearly two decades of fulfilling various roles from engineering to sales management in the oil and gas industry, Nicolaas du Preez settled in Cape Town to give his family a rest from the haphazardness of oilfield life.

Following a lifelong interest in the making of things he is setting up an initiative in the creative hub of Hout Bay to start low volume modern manufacturing services to bring to reality the ideas of artists, designers and idea-lists*. Focusing initially on fabrication with wood using computer numerically controlled machines he envisages to also provide various medium 3D printing and other technical services.

Having a sound academic background with engineering and business administration degrees Nicolaas views his involvement with Workspace as providing an excellent opportunity to also transfer knowledge and skill to not only the next generations but anybody that can benefit thereby.

* Nothing to do with philosophy or revolutions it refers to anybody plagued by ideas of interesting things to make

Marc Badenhorst

The mid-century inspired furniture at the WorkSpace is designed by MARC. This young woodworker, son of well-known artist Philip Badenhorst, works from his workshop in Hout Bay. Marc was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. Working with his mother, Francisca Gebert, CEO of Cape Town Creative Academy, who designs the furniture, Marc’s attention to detail and focus on wood finishing put these furniture pieces in a league of its own.

Craig Dunlop

Co founder of Workspace and trained Landscape designer, Craig finds his niche within Workspace as a connector, teacher and driving force behind the Workspace dedication to providing a platform for skills exchange.

His favourite pastime is dreaming about finishing project #572….a 1981 Honda XL500 , gathering dust whilst he get distracted with building things from scrap steel and sometimes wood. The only reason they let him stay, is that his wood fired pedal powered coffee roasting contraption produces great coffee beans

Eswell Marengereke

Eswell specialises in recycling old timber into functional pieces like cupboards and drawers. He is Workspace’s most prolific producer of furniture, most of which are sold the same day at the Imizamo Yethu Marketplace in Hout Bay.

Thomas van Gylswyk

Painter, sculptor and philosopher, Thomas is usually seen deeply engrossed in an art piece in the back of the workshop, undisturbed by the noise around him. An accomplished painter and former gallery owner, he has recently turned his hand to metal sculpting and is producing some remarkable animal pieces.

Liesl Robbins

Liesl Robbins has been a long term member of Workspace and actively involved in all forms of teaching… jewellery, woodworking and DIY classes. The TEN Project relies heavily on her teaching ability, which is conducted with poise and experience.

She is a qualified Goldsmith but also loves to create using alternative and recycled materials.

Barry “Stompie” Pretorius

Leatherworker extraordinaire, Stompie produces a range of leather goods from shoes to bags and anything to order. His skills are passed on through his role as leather-work teacher for the TEN Project participants.

Randal Adonis

The first and longest member of Workspace, Randal makes his living by taking on jobs that everyone else avoids. He loves building kids toys and recycling material that has been discarded. He is also the font of knowledge when it comes to finding lost things. Having been around for so long, he has this uncanny ability of finding things lost years before.

Michelle Farthing

Michelle is a Jewellery Designer. She studied at Ruth Prowse Shool of Art where she received her Diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing, and a certificate in Visual arts in 2005. From then she worked for a jewellery company at the V & A waterfront where she has manufactured pieces for A list clients.

In 2016 Michelle founded her company, Cavaletti Jewellery and based herself at Workspace. She specialized in hand manufactured bespoke silver and gold jewellery with gemstones. Michelle enjoys creating and making in general and finds jewellery is a great way to express her creativity. Her plans for the future are to grow her business, travel sourcing gemstones and meet other jewellers and traders around the world.

James Doran

James is a classically trained goldsmith with about 20 years experience in the industry. He produces handmade work and specialises in wax carving which is a form of miniature sculpture incorporating the Lost Wax process.

Bridgette Burger

An integral part of Workspace, Bridgette looks after the money, admin and general welfare of the crew. Whilst she protests that she isn’t a maker – her Lemon Meringue Pie is famous.

Elvis Mudzingwa

Elvis operates a laser cutting machine producing a variety of goods, mainly for the tourism souvenir industry. He can’t leave without people saying “Elvis has left the building”.

Su - Mari Gwilliam

Su runs Cape Laser from Workspace. Along with Elvis, they produce a variety of laser cut goods. As a qualified architect, she is well positioned to design bespoke items to order.

Debbie Braunlich

Stonehill Originals’ create unique non-woven (felt) and hybrid textiles from luxurious alpaca and other natural fibres which are transformed into classic fashion and home decor items. Debbie Braunlich, founder of Stonehill Originals, owns a small alpaca herd in the Western Cape from which fine, soft fibre is harvested and then processed into batts to make non-woven fabric or yarn for knitwear.

Alpaca is used either solely in a garment or with a combination of natural textiles (high-quality woolen worsteds, linens, silks or cottons). The creation of a Stonehill Originals’ garment allows textural variation, elevating a garment from an aesthetic point of view.

Charles Dunlop

Mechanic, tinkerer, builder, fixer, Charles can fix almost anything. He is great at seeing problems before they occur and diagnosing them when they do occur. An out of the box thinker, he finds solutions cheaply and quickly, which makes him invaluable in a workshop full of artists and crafters.

Sharon Cithabathwa

Sharon operates the coffee shop and bakery section of Workspace under her own brand – Nourish bakery. She is empowered as a business owner and uses her position to lift up, train others and to integrate the Hout Bay communities.

Her bread is of the highest quality, baked daily in the Workspace wood fired rocket oven, whilst all coffee served is roasted on site in the “World Famous Pedal Roaster” which is also fired by wood waste.

She collaborates with local bakers and regularly has homemade delights on sale. Nourish Bakery is closed on Mondays.

Katy Cambridge

Katy Cambridge is a professional ceramic artist and children’s book illustrator under the brand of ‘What Katy Loved’. She hails from the coastal town of Falmouth in Cornwall, UK and spends her time between there and Workspace in Cape Town.

She specialises in hand building, sculpture and surface design techniques. Katy is also qualified teacher with a background in youth development and sustainable livelihoods.