MoHappy Drums

MoHappy Drums

A collaboration with Cedric Samson and Workspace.

These drums are being made by people from the Workspace community in collaboration with well known drummer, Cedric Samson.

The MoHappy drums form part of the Workspace non profit outreach which seeks to provide economic opportunities for the disadvantaged.

The MoHappy Drum Story……..

MoHappy’ came into my musical life many years ago when I met an old black man playing this amazing home made traditional township drum on the streets of JHB that sounded like no other drum I shad ever heard in the world. His happy face,huge smile and kick ass rhythm was an absolute inspiration for me being a drummer. So I asked him if I could play the drum and he handed me a pair of hose pipes which he was using as sticks.

I had never played with hose pipes before and was amazed at the sound they created. The drums unique low tone, low resonance and low volume made it a very special drum to play. “The old mans name was Madala,” we completely connected rhythmically and he loved my playing and said to me, please take this drum you must play and make people happy.

His happy face and his passion for playing that drum, has been a visual in my life for over thirty years, especially when I started using the drum on record productions and film scores, I would hear Madala’s voice say over and over in my head, please make more people happy with the drum……

The integrity and Intention of this rainbow nation township drum, is to create a work force within The MoHappy Drum Co: empower and nurture our talented youth through music and rhythm workshops, and getting people from all over the world to hear, play and support this proudly South African product…..

Each MoHappy drum sold benefits the disadvantaged Hout Bay community, honoring the privilege of creating rhythm music and education as a vehicle to deliver and uphold life.

The world needs MoHappy people……

One single drum with eight completely different sounds and tones. One can play MoHappy sitting on the ground for one tone, and slightly raised for the drum to breathe which gives another completely different lower tone. The drum is made from a 25liter paint tin with rubber stretched and tied over the circumference of the tin for playing.

The playing drum head is tightened with hose clamps which are covered in leather trimming. There are two layers of bottle tops above the playing head held by two oak wine vat poles for a unique sound and a crisp back beat. MoHappy is great for live professional playing, recording,jamming with friends, or just playing with ones favorite songs.

MoHappy’s tone is very easy on the ear and makes one smile and be MoHappy… MoHappy comes with dual sticks, a pair of PVC hose pipes, and a pair of Bamboo/Wooden sticks for different tones. The world needs MoHappy people….

The Mo you play,the MoHappy you are….. Let us Play!

Cedric Samson

Composer, Arranger, Producer and Drummer Cedric Samson has been at the forefront of the South African music scene since the sixties when his teenage boy-band, “The Fireflies” became the youngest South African group to be signed to a major record label.

Since then he has gone on to work with the cream of the music industry both nationally and internationally.

Cedric has developed a unique style with a signature ‘African’ sound which has garnered him with two Grammy nominations, a platinum album that got number one on the Billboard Chart with Ice Cube’s West Side Connection: “Gangsters Make The World Go Round”. Cedric as a Composer, Arranger, Producer, is genre blind (as the art of production is about conversation)

“Cedric’s larger-than-life persona and even bigger heart has rendered meaningful projects such as Aids Awareness and Fund-Raising Campaigns.

His personal favourite, as composer/musical director/conductor of a 78-strong cast in a stellar performance of his Grammy Nominated song ‘Father of Our Nation’ to former-president Nelson Mandela on Madiba’s 90th birthday.”

Cedric performed ‘Father of our Nation’ at the Cape Town City Hall for Mandela’s 93rd birthday legacy concert and the Mayors charity event featuring a 40 piece Orchestra conducted by Jeremy Lubbock, a 40 piece choir, SAMSON, Jennifer Jones, Sibongile Nmgoma, Vicky Sampson.

MoHappy Drum Experience

a collaboration with Cedric Samson and Workspace Community Workshop

These iconic, yet contemporary, African drums are being made by people from the Workspace community in collaboration with well known drummer, Cedric Samson.

Workspace is a non profit community workshop in Hout Bay, Cape Town that seeks to provide a platform for knowledge and skills exchange across the social, cultural and generational divides. We aim to provide resources for all people from all backgrounds ages and abilities to use making as a tool for empowerment, economic opportunity and the building of social capital.

The MoHappy drums unique low tone, low resonance and low volume made it a very special drum to play. Along with the hosepipe “sticks “, the bottle top “cymbals” and paint can body, many different sounds can be generated. Besides being a fun instrument, the MoHappy has been used professionally in live recordings, stage shows and events.

The MoHappy Drum Team building Experience is aimed at corporate team building where the team not only gets to build a MoHappy but also learns to play one under the experienced eye of Grammy nominated Cedric Samson who has worked with the likes of Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba, Alicia Keys, George Benson and Ice Cube.

The highlight of the day is the handing over of the newly made MoHappys to deserving causes such as the Rainbow Youth Academy.

Each Mohappy donated by your teambuilding day comes with lessons by Cedric to get the new drummers going.

At the handover event, your team gets to drum and hang out with the beneficiaries of your donation.

Your MoHappy experience also covers the costs of training one local drum builder and setting him up in business with the components of his first drum.

The team building day program is as follows:

09h00: Arrival and welcome
09h30: Drum Building session 1
11h00: Refreshment break ( Cappuccino from beans roasted on the premises on the Workspace “World Famous pedal roaster”)
11h30: Drum Building Session 2
13h00: Delicious Hout Bay Fish n Chips Lunch
14h00: Drum Building Session 3
15h30: Meet with kids from beneficiary project / Drumming lesson
16h15: Depart

Specific outcomes

Time management | Coordination | Efficient team work | Assigning roles

Essential teambuilding lessons are woven into a narrative throughout each aspect of the drum building
process. Expertly presented by Cedric Samson, the day is an exciting adventure of storytelling, learning,
laughing, playing and giving.

TEAM PRICE (per 10 participants): R18 560.00 or R1856.00 per person

Inclusive of:

  • Two refreshment sessions package
  • Beneficiary refreshment package
  • Luncheon package
  • Five MoHappy drums to donate
  • 3 x Drum lessons with Cedric Samson and beneficiary kids
  • Training, drum components and three day stipend of one aspirant drum builder from the local community.